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“I have used Tide® and OxiClean® for years but this hypoallergenic product is amazing. It removes the stains as well or better than Tide and also…here’s s another perk……it totally removed the bad musty smell from my front loader after 2-3 loads!! This smell has been a BIG problem for me….as it is with all front loaders. It also removed the awful smell from my friend’s son’s hockey equipment. And, here’s a tip!!…When I fill the “softener container” in my front loader with plain white vinegar – it makes the fabrics softer! I truly think you would like this product …as well as its clean, fragrance-free smell. Plus, I love it when things are delivered to my house instead of me having to go get it! And finally, they donate retail profits to a charity or YOUR choice (I had them donate to the Alzheimer’s Foundation).”
– Lynn S.

“This detergent works great for my family of 6! I like that it only takes 1 capful for a full load.”
– Margaret H.

“Very good laundry detergent. It’s very hypoallergenic. My wife and I use this detergent and it works great with our sensitive skin. The detergent is also great for babies, as our infant has no reaction to it”
– Jason W.

“This detergent is as good as any others that I have used in the past”
– S. Palmer

“Great detergent, only a small amount needed for each load”
– Connie M.

“Highly concentrated and goes a LONG way. I have found that it works well as a pre-treat. My son’s shoes were in awful shape and this stuff cleaned them like brand new…great detergent!”
– Mandy T.

“This detergent is awesome! I have 3 boys that play many sports and it does wonders on the sweaty smell and stains. I also like that 1 bottle lasts me a long time since it only takes 1 capful per load. I highly recommend to all!”
– Sue F.