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Introduction to Clean & Care Charity Programs

At Besway Home Products, we established the Clean & Care website to facilitate donations to a growing list of non-profit organizations important to our communities. Simply by spreading the word about the website, individuals and groups can introduce their friends to an exceptional laundry detergent and be assured that all of the retail profits will go to their charity of choice.

Our Ready-to-Help program (RTH) addresses financial needs when individuals and organizations experience sudden, unexpected, extraordinary hardships whether major health problems , natural disasters or other losses. There’s an urgency to raise money and a quest for rapid support. Instead of non-profit organizations, the donations go to designated donation sites for these one-time fundraising emergencies. As for non-profit organizations, RTH participants purchase Clean & Care products at the online store, select their RTH cause, and we then donate the retail profits to the selected cause.

Youth groups can join our CleanKids program to raise money for their schools and youth sports teams. We can create custom labeling with the name of organization, and the product can be sold and delivered directly by the fundraisers or ordered online and shipped to the customers.